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ATI Racing and Modern Muscle Xtreme 8 rib belt kit for Whipple 392 6.4

In our quest to squeeze the most power out of the new Whipple supercharger, we have partnered with ATI Racing for a custom cut Super Damper to accommodate a brand new 8 rib belt setup. We have been running our 6 rib ATI Super Damper since day one and it has been performing flawlessly. In the Hemi world, there’s really no need to look elsewhere. ATI has what you’re looking for, and with thousands of these installed in Modern Hemi builds, their reputation speaks for itself.  With the crank pulley from ATI, Modern Muscle Xtreme will be able to create the rest of the custom pulleys, and belt slip will be a thing of the past.  This collaboration is the definition of teamwork and we can’t wait to show you the results.

Update! Things are getting serious around here and the thought of ditching the manual has crossed our minds. We all know that a stick shift is cool but we’re breaking transmissions regularly. Having a Turbo 400 with a trans brake would really put this car in a different league. We’ve talked to the guys at ATI and they’ve already mapped out exactly what we need to take this car to a whole new level. Now the ball is in our court. What do you say? Stay with the manual or do wheelies?


ATI Racing and MMX Modern Muscle Xtreme 8 rib belt kit for Whipple 392 6.4


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