426 Hemi Crate Engine by Mopar?

Hemi 426 Elephant

In the last few days Mopar has been hinting about a new crate engine and the internet is not-so-patiently awaiting its debut next week at SEMA.

The first teaser video was a throwback to when the popular 392 Crate Hemi was unveiled. It was captioned with, “Wait until you see what we’ve been working on for this year’s SEMA show.” This immediately had me wondering if they were finally releasing something iconic like the famed 426 Hemi.

Today’s teaser may have confirmed my suspicions on what the displacement of their newest crate engine would be. It shows two paw prints in the dirt being smashed by much larger footprints which appear to be that of an elephant.

For those of you in the know, the 426 engine was dubbed “The Elephant” for its massive size and power, so could we see a 426 crate? In the latest teaser video you can hear an engine loping at idle with a mean sounding cam, so I expect this newest crate offering to be nothing short of bad ass, and will hopefully pay worthy respect to the notorious 426 we all love.  However, anyone who follows this brand knows from past experience that when you think you know what they’re up to, you’re wrong. So we’ll have to see what’s unveiled at 4:26 PM this coming Tuesday.

I suggest they call it the Hellephant.

Update: 10/26/2018
Another video was released today which showed an elephant standing behind a car doing a burnout. The elephant lets out two trumpets (roars) and if you listen closely there are definite differences in the audio, as if something is being added to the second sound. What do you make of these teasers?

Looks like the Hellephant name suggestion was a good guess! Mopar confirmed that the new crate engine is a 1,000 horsepower 426.

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Elephant 426 Hemi Crate Motor Engine


Hemi 426 Elephant



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