Dodge Sends Me To Detroit!

Dodge Demon Reveal Roadkill Nights Detroit

As you may know, last April Dodge invited me to the Demon Reveal Party which allowed me to catch a glimpse of the Demon before it was shown to the public. That’s when I first learned that I was part of a small group of individuals who Dodge labeled as their, “Social Media Influencers.”

That trip to New York was an amazing opportunity to meet some great people and it opened several exciting doors.

Detroit Roadkill Nights Boosted Scat Pack

Fast forward a few months, and once again I get an invitation from Dodge to another one of their amazing events. This time it’s a trip to Detroit to attend the Woodward Avenue drag race at Roadkill Nights. While in Detroit I got to see some of my East Coast friends and meet up with some other Social Media Invitees. Dodge put us up at a great hotel and the late night bar was flooded with so many famous tv stars and YouTube sensations that it was impossible to meet everyone. The hotel parking lot was filled with a few rentals and a TON of Detroit Muscle.

Here’s a video with some pictures I took, as well as a few video clips. In it you will see plenty of the Dodge Demon, a clip of my thrill ride in a Hellcat, and the world’s first Hellcat Widebody burnout caught on video.

Thanks again Dodge!