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Nearly 300 black and white photos!

From race registration to the finish line and everything in between, How to Drag Race explains all the steps for successful drag racing, so the aspiring drag racer can easily setup his or her car, launch off the line, and quickly run at every racetrack. It offers the first comprehensive description of every aspect of drag racing, including car set up, driving techniques, class information, and getting active in racing at the local level.

Author Kevin McKenna, editor at National DRAGSTER, NHRA’s weekly news magazine, uses 300 color photos to show you what to expect your first time out, how to set your street car or race car up for consistency and speed, and driving techniques for racers at all levels. He discusses tires, safety equipment, driving aids, such as line-locks and delay boxes, choosing a class, and advanced racer math. Special sections detail how to maximize your setup and strategy bracket racing success. If you have ever thought it would be fun to give drag racing a try, this book is for you. If you have ever thought it would be fun to give drag racing a try, this book is for you.

Pages: 144
Size: 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: 289 b/w
Publisher: CarTech
ISBN: 9781613250723
Product Code: SA136P


Chapter 1: Drag Racing: A Sport of Universal Appeal

In the Beginning

How Far Can I Go?

The Basics

Types of Drag Racing


Chapter 2: How to Get Started in Drag Racing

Track Personnel and Job Descriptions

Basic Vehicle Prep (Safety and Performance)

Buy the Rulebook

First-Time Expectations


Chapter 3: How to Drive

Proper Warm-Up

Burnout Techniques

Staging and Launching

The Run

Shutting Down


Chapter 4: Safety Gear, Vehicle Prep and Smart Racing 

Essential Safety Equipment

Brakes and Parachutes

Competition Driver’s License

Performing a Proper Safety Check

Between Rounds


Necessary Tools


Chapter 5: All About Tires

Racing Slicks

Tire Selection, Pressure and Maintenance

Radial Versus Bias Ply

DOT-Approved Racing Tires


Chapter 6: Improving Performance

Common Performance Upgrades

Moderate Performance Upgrades

Power Adders

Improving Performance Affordably

To Use or Not Use Race Fuel

How to Improve Driving Performance

Suspension Tuning Tips

Weight Transfer


Chapter 7: Driving and Tuning Aids

Aftermarket Tachometer

Trans Brake

Line Lock

Two-Step and Three-Step Ignitions

Delay Box

Throttle Stops

Weather Stations

Infrared Thermometers

Air and Electric Shifters

Practice Trees

Prediction Software

Putting It All Together


Chapter 8: The Basics of Bracket Racing

The Current State of Bracket Racing

Bracket Racing Versus Other Forms of Drag Racing

Understanding Reaction Time

Dial-Ins and Breakouts

Why Should I Bracket Race?


Chapter 9: Advanced Bracket Racing Strategy 

Posting Consistent Reaction Times

Making Your Car Consistent

Choosing the Right Dial-In Time

Starting Line Tactics

Driving the Finish Line


Chapter 10: The Psychology of Drag Racing

Sizing Up the Competition

Visualization for Racing

Avoiding Distractions

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Tricks of the Trade


Chapter 11: Racer Math

How to Determine True-Win Margin

Using Math to Help Predict Performance

Tracking Your Round-Win Average

Recording Your Runs

Useful Formulas