Drag Racing’s Quarter Mile Warriors: Then and Now


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The true beginnings of racing is an argument never really settled. One could argue that as soon as the second car was manufactured, a contest of speed ensued against the first. While the roots of modern drag racing go back to the dry lakes of California in the 1930s, drag racing became a sanctioned affair in the early 1950s with the forming of the National Hot Rod Association. In the 60 years that have followed the first NHRA sanctioned race in 1953, the changes in technology have been astounding, as well as the categories and classes in which racers have competed. And of all of the eras, the golden era of the late 1950s through the early 1970s is the clear fan favorite.

Drag Racing’s Quarter-Mile Warriors: Then & Now takes a unique look at the most memorable, interesting, and successful cars from this golden age of drag racing. Chronicled are Diggers and Rail dragsters, Funny Cars, wild Altereds, door slammers including Super and Junior Stock cars, early 1970s Pro Stock cars and more. Vintage and modern photography in a unique “then and now” format cover the cars as they first competed, through their evolution (or inactivity) over the years, and how they look today. Cars driven by legends such as Mickey Thompson, Tommy Ivo, Dick Landy, Grumpy Jenkins, Sox & Martin, Don Nicholson, Bob Glidden, and more are featured in evolutionary detail.

Never before has a book covered the cars from the golden age of drag racing and combined it with a modern look at where the cars are today. From full restorations to cars still competing in nostalgia events, from museum pieces to those collecting dust in a dark corner waiting for another day in the sun, Drag Racing’s Quarter-Mile Warriors: Then & Now gives you a unique look at how these cars have fared over time. No drag racing library is complete without it.

Pages: 192
Size: 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Publisher: CarTech
ISBN: 9781613251331
Product Code: CT528



Chapter One:

Diggers: The Top Dogs
Tommy Ivo’s Twin Engine
England’s First Dragster
Mickey Thompson’s Assault I Dragster
Hellzapoppin A/Dragster
VanRonk and Bumgarner The Vagabond
Syndicate Scuderia
Winkel, Trapp & Fuller Magicar
Bob Langley’s Scorpion V
Don Tognotti’s Bushwacker
Warren, Coburn & Miller
The Stone Age Man
D.A. Santucci’s Bubble Gum Car
Petersen & Fitz
Stephens & Venables
Great Expectations II
Gary Cochran’s Rear-Engine Dragster
John Peters’ Freight Train

Chapter Two:

Funny Cars and Not So Funny Cars
Dick Landy’s AWB 1965 Dodge
Gas Ronda’s Long-Nose Mustang
Pete Gates’ Gate Job Comet
Dave Koffel’s Experimental Stock Barracuda
Ingénue 1967 Buick Skylark
Jim Kirby/Dick Harrell Camaro
Ed Schartman’s Rattler Cougar
Jungle Jim Liberman’s Twin Novas
Chi-Town Hustler Charger
Ramchargers 1972

Chapter Three:

Rockin’ Pro Stocks
Al Joniec’s Match-Race Mustang
Don Nicholson’s 1970 Maverick
Red Light Bandit 1970 Challenger
Sandy Elliot/Barrie Poole 1971 Comet
Dutch Irrgang’s 1972 Vega Wagon
Bob Glidden’s 1973 Pinto
Wally Booth’s AMC Brigade
Sox & Martin 1973 Duster
Dick Landy’s 1973 Dart Sport
Ronnie Sox’s Hemi Colt
Grumpy’s Toy XI 1974 Vega
The Mopar Missile That Wasn’t

Chapter Four:

The Wild Bunch
Stone, Woods & Cook Willys
Jolly Dolly C/Gas 1939 Chevy
Moody-Jones C/Gas 1937 Chevy
Gene Moody’s D/Gas 1955 Chevy
Jersey Jimmy’s Altered
Lil Screamer II 1934 Ford
Dave Hales’ S&S Race Team 1937 Willys
Hugh Tucker’s AA/SR Chevy
Mr. C Competition Roadster
The Grove Boys 1940 Willys
Jack Merkel’s 1933 Willys
Kohler Brothers’ King Kong
Jim Oddy’s AA/GS Austin
Fred Hurst’s A/GS Barracuda
Mondello & Matsubara AA/FA
Ron Bizio’s AA/GS 1933 Willys Pickup
George Montgomery’s AA/GS 1969 Mustang
Schley Brothers’ Lightning Bug
Kroona & Sandberg

Chapter Five:

Door Slammers Galore
Dave Strickler’s The Old Reliable II
Dave Kempton’s Plymouth Fury
Frank Sanders’ Z-11 Chevy
Osburn Trucking’s Lightweight Ford
Golden Commandos’ Barracuda
Sox & Martin 1967 Plymouth
Al Joniec’s Cobra Jet Mustang
Larry Griffith’s Super Stock 1968 Hemi Dart
Anderson Oldsmobile’s W-31 Cutlass
AMX-1 Super Stock 1969
McMaster & Gunning 1957 Chevy
Hubert Platt’s Ford Drag Team Mustang
Scotto & Blevins Chevy Nomad
High School 1957 Chevy
Granny Goose II 1969 Camaro
Dianna & Ripes Corvette
Stark Hickey’s Super Stock Mustang
Arlen Fadely’s Super Modified Maverick