Race Car Road Trip

Sometimes I catch heat for racing at street legal events. People assume that the Scat Pack is a track only car and never sees any street miles. The truth is quite the opposite. It’s driven all the time. All I have to do is swap to the street tune and put the 20″ wheels back on and this car is ready to go anywhere.

Here are a few pictures of the last road trip covering nearly 4,000 miles and six states. To begin the journey I headed straight to the pacific ocean and followed the coast line all the way down to San Diego from Washington State. After visiting with some Mopar friends, taking home a 1st place car show trophy, and checking out Famoso Raceway, I headed east to Las Vegas. From there it was a long lonely highway through the open desert. Of course we stopped by Area 51 and thankfully we weren’t abducted and/or probed.

So to those of you who only see the Scat Pack towed to the track and think it’s a trailer queen, this one’s for you.