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Driveshaft Shop Axle DSS Hemi Dodge Challenger Charger

When it comes to quality parts that hold up to extreme power, DSS has you covered. They have been here for our Modern Hemi cars since the beginning, and they continue to innovate new and improve products constantly. We are proud to work with The Driveshaft Shop and are confident in the parts they provide. 

We were fortunate enough to be able to test a revolutionary new axle from DSS that has held up to massive abuse. We break lots of parts, but not our DSS stuff. Here is a picture of the axles we have been running since last year. Look closely and see the new changes! Keep an eye out because these will be hitting the market soon!


the driveshaft shop hellcat scat pack 392 axle dodge charger challenger



If you follow our Instagram page you already know we ditched the manual transmission and installed a new Turbo 400. This required an all new custom driveshaft and of course DSS was there with a custom piece made to fit perfectly.

Driveshaft Shop aluminum custom carbon turbo 400


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Here’s our original review from our first driveshaft and set of axles from DSS.

You’ve seen the guys out there trying to stay stock, they’re the ones who eventually post pictures of their twisted up driveshaft or snapped axles. It’s just a matter of time before you dead hook and something gives, so I didn’t waste any time waiting to upgrade the drivetrain.
Having such a heavy car, coupled with the fact that mine is a manual transmission, this upgrade was a no brainer. After much research I decided to go with The Driveshaft Shop (DSS) for an upgraded 4″ aluminum driveshaft and their 1,400 hp rated chromoly axles. Installation was a direct bolt on and extremely straight-forward. For those of you familiar with the car, you know I beat on it regularly and the DSS package has held up flawlessly, even now in its 2nd season. The only issue I ever had was a torn boot, and even though I was out of my warranty period, I was shipped a brand new boot and hardware with no questions asked.
I’ve put these parts to the test for sure, and no longer have worries about them holding up. They’ve taken nitrous launches, power shifts, and nasty clutch dumps with no issues whatsoever. However, the power is now being delivered directly to my next weakest drivetrain link, the stock differential. I’ve ruined several of these diffs and actually take two of them to the track with me as spares. The next step will be a DSS 9″ conversion which will complete the build and allow me to launch without crossing my fingers.
DSS gets a 10 from me! Zero complaints and solid customer service. If you’re wondering which way to go with your build, give these guys a call and they will explain the benefits of their products and R&D. They have been here for our Modern Hemi cars since the beginning, and are still here.

Driveshaft Shop DSS Hemi Dodge Challenger Charger axles